Bluetooth Wall Amplifier on Android System

This 2-channel small bluetooth multi-home audio system equipped with micro USB/TF

can power 2 to 4pieces of speakers in your home or small commercial area.

It uses a high- efficiency class-D amplifier for a maximum output of 2*25 watts,

low-impedance speakers. The cool display shows relevant track music info.

Plus, you can control everything – seek, change tracks, and adjust the volume –
using the included wireless infrared remote controller.



Adopt Bluetooth and WIFI wireless connection technology
Standard 86 Mounted on the wall for easy control
With wireless remote control
Rs845 protocol for integration
Download APP like Spotify, Pandora etc to it to play music from internet
Support triggering doorbell function
Support remote trigger power on/off
Support program timer on/off function; and programmed song play after power on
Support audio input and output function with secure and fast connect phoenix connectors
Support TF card and OTG 2.0USB interface, USB can be connected to the hard disk;
With WIFI connection
Suitable for homes, commercial areas, kid’s room, etc.

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