Dual Channel Wireless Microphone


UHF wireless microphone is less likely to subject to interference than VHF microphone, transmitting more stable signal.
Up to 200 frequencies, several sets of microphones can be used simultaneously without worrying about interferences
With auto pairing technology
With high-end liquid crystal display
Ultra-long operating range. The UHF Handheld wireless microphone has a wireless range of up to 100 meters.
Digital ID identification technology, without worrying about interferences
Unique digital encryption technology, preventing off-site surveillance or eavesdropping
Built-in feedback suppressor, one-key eliminating howling

Model MPRO-23H/MPRO-23B/MPRO-23D
Oscillation mode PLL frequency synthesis
Frequency range UHF499MHz-900MHz
Frequency stability ±0.001%
Modulation mode FM
SNR >60dB
Distortion <0.5%@1KHz
Receiver sensitivity 1.2/UV @S/N=12dB
Power supply DC 12V
Audio output Independent 0-2V2/Hybrid 0-2V
Power supply DC 3V(1.5V AA×2)
Microphone power consumption 110mA
Carrier frequency UHF499MHz-937MHz
Frequency stability ±0.001%
Max frequency offset ±70KHz
SNR >60dB
Adjacent frequency interference ratio >80dB
Dynamic range ≥100dB
Type Dynamic
Polarity mode Cardioid
Frequency response 60Hz-17KHz
Microphone sensitivity -42±2dB@1KHz