High Fidelity Wall-mounted Speakers

● Good music reproduction
● Fashionable appearance
● Available in BLACK and WHITE color
● Suitable for conference room and high quality audio demand applications

MODEL WP-420W/B WP-540W/B WP-660W/B WP-880W/B
Power at 100V 5/10/20W; 20W@8 ohm 10/20/40W; 40W@8 ohm 15/30/60W; 60W@8 ohm 20/40/80W; 80W@8 ohm
Power at 70V 2.5/5/10W; 20W@8 ohm 5/10/20W; 40W@8 ohm 7.5/15/30W; 60W@8 ohm 10/20/40W; 80W@8 ohm
SPL (1W/1M) 90dB 90dB 91dB 91dB
Max SPL@1M 103dB 105dB 108dB 110dB
Freq. Response 60Hz-18KHz 60Hz-18KHz 60Hz-18KHz 60Hz-18KHz
Dispersion Angel 90×80 degree 90×80 degree 90×80 degree 90×80 degree
Product Size 250x160x150mm 300x170x165mm 345x200x195mm 455x275x260mm
Installation Wall-mounted Wall-mounted Wall-mounted Wall-mounted
Enclosure Material ABS ABS ABS ABS
Weight 1.50Kg 3.40Kg 3.80Kg 7.50kg
Finish White/Black White/Black White/Black White/Black
Speakers 3/4″ x1 (TREBLE) 4″x1(BASS) 1″ x1 (TREBLE) 5″x1(BASS) 1″ x1 (TREBLE) 6.5″x1(BASS) 1″ x1 (TREBLE) 8″x1(BASS)