IR32 Simultaneous Interpretation System

This IR interpretation system is designed for wireless distribution of audio signals for international conference where multi language is required. During the conference, the interpreters simultaneously translate the speaker’s language as required, and the participants can select the language according to their choices, and listen via the earphones. The system provides language channels ranging from 4, 8, 12, 16 and up to 32. Thus it is suitable for medium to large size conference applications.

IR-32M Digital Main Unit

●  Versatile Digital Wireless IR system
●  It conforms to IEC61603 part 7 standards
●  Automatic level control function (ALC)
●  2-8Mhz signal prevent any disturb under daylight lamp
●  Easy to operate and save in project cost
●  With the most advanced technology
●  Elegant configuration in accordance to ergonomics
●  High security levels prevent external interference

IR-32R Radiator

●  Compatible with any IR interpretation system conforming to IEC 61603-7 standard
●  IR power is strong and transmission distance reaches to 30M
●  Supports up to 32 language channels
●  Flexiable installation with brackets or tripods
●  Half radiator angle: +/-22 degree

IR-32I Interpreter Unit

●  It supports 4,8,12,16 and 32 channel interpretation
●  Level control of voice to prevent feedback
●  Cough cancellation function
●  Equipped with SLOW key to hint the speaker if speak too fast
●  RELAY key to listen to other channel for translated language, If the interpreter does not understand the original language
●  The LCD can display both input and output channels

IR-32D Delegate Receiver Unit

●  Small, elegant and pocket size
●  Support up to 32 different languages
●  Power on/off switch and volume control
●  Powered by rechargeable batteries and charging box
●  LED screen displays with battery and status

IR-32BOOT Interpreter Booth
IR-32C Charging Box
IR-32TB Booster

●  IR-32TB signal booster if IR radiator cable to interpreter unit or interpreter unit to interpreter unit is more than 10 meters
●  IR-32C Charging box for 24pcs delegate receiver unit
●  IR-32BOOT Interpreter’s booth at the size of 1.6*1.6*2M