Open architecture Dante 64 In 64 out DSP audio processor

The DSP-6464 LD+ intelligent digital audio processing server uses two processing chips with a main frequency of 1GHz, which is the core device of the thermal computing system platform. The thermal computing system platform is based on the real-time Linux operating system. All input channels can be configured with AEC cards to build a 96-channel AEC input channel system. The system server supports 64*64 network transmission, and the control function is intuitive. It is suitable for various applications such as medium and large-scale conference applications, theme parks, airports, railway stations, and large supermarkets.

Gigabit network transmission, with network transmission backup
8 AEC channels, and supports user-defined addition of independent AEC modules, Support up to 32 channels
Dual host backup (Active/Standby) mode
16-channel audio player, 64G memory, playback format WAV MP3 supports scheduled playback
Provides operation interface for customers to realize centralized control of multiple devices
Built-in Lua script, providing flexible extension and customization functions for users
Dual power redundancy (AC/DC)

Model DSP-6464 LD+
Network channel 64*64
Local channel two 4-channel AEC input cards, microphone / line input
Audio I/O capability 6 audio I/O card slots
Multitrack player capability 16 tracks
Media storage capacity 64G
Dynamic range >118dB
Frequency Response (±0.2dB) 20Hz~20kHz
Input Impedance 5.5k ohm
THD+N <0.002%
Maximum input level +22dBu
RS232/485  6Pin3.81mm Phoenix
GPIO  12Pin381mm Phoenix
Dante Primary  RJ45 1000Mbps
Dante Secondary  RJ45 1000Mbps
AC Main Power  IEC Connector
DC backup power supply  24VDC 2A 2pin 5.81mmm Phoenix
Voltage  220VAC-240VAC, 50Hz/24VDC
Current  4A max@100VAC (actual current depends on specific configuration, such as I/O card
Product size (WxHxD)  483x88x364mm
Shipping Package Dimensions  618x153x473mm
Shipping weight  10KG