Two-Way All-weather Horn Speaker

This high power outdoor systems designers increased flexibility by offering vastly improved music playback, additional coverage patterns and higher output in attractive paintable enclosures. Both models include front-loaded LF drivers in highly reinforced enclosures for natural, nonresonant low frequency reproduction, while identical voicing ensures a uniform listening experience.


Strong body, high SPL output
Transmit speech up to 1km distance
full frequency horn, professional, all weather
With 100V line or 8 ohm versions
With IP, SIP Net audio with our Eco IP system
IP 55 Outdoor

Ordering Code:
RC-10V: 250W@8ohm ; 150W@100V
RC-10V IP : 250W IP Net audio, Powered
RC-10V SIP : 250W SIP Net audio, Powered
RC-12V: 400W@8ohm; 250W@100V
RC-12V IP : 400W IP Net audio, Powered
RC-12V SIP : 400W SIP Net audio, Powered
RC-15V: 600W @8ohm; 400W @100V
RC-15V IP : 600W IP Net audio, Powered
RC-15V SIP : 600W SIP Net audio, Powered

Rated power 250W@8ohm ; 150W@100V 400W@8ohm; 250W@100V 600W @8ohm; 400W @100V
Maximum power 500W 800W 1200W
Input 8ohm/100V 8ohm/100V 8ohm/100V
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 99dB / 96dB ± 3dB 99dB / 96dB ± 3dB 100dB / 99dB ± 3dB
Sensitivity Max 119dB / 116dB ± 3dB 124dB / 121dB ± 3dB 127dB / 124dB ± 3dB
Frequency response 70Hz-20KHz 70Hz-20KHz 70Hz-20KHz
Material Fiber glass body, Metal frame Fiber glass body, Metal frame Fiber glass body, Metal frame
Speaker unit 10” 75VC bass + 44 VC treble 12” 75VC bass + 44 VC treble 15” 75VC bass + 75 VC treble
Product size 630*450*450mm 760*580*580mm 760*580*580mm
Weight 26KG 33KG 35KG