UC-200 Wireless Conference System

With UHF FM modulation technology, This UC-200 wireless conference system is designed with high fidelity capsule to have the best clarity to reflect the original sound yet cancelling all the feedbacks. It is a fully digital system with big LCD screen to show the status, very low energy consuming, continuously working for 8 hours and standby for 20 hours. It is a highly effective providing turnkey solution with natural, feedback-free audio performance whatever the environment..

●  Main unit control up to 256pcs and power up to 60pcs microphones
●  Equipment with best noise cancellation technology
●  With output to record the meeting
●  Chairman with Priority to mute delegates
●  Digital acoustic feedback suppression
●  With delegate speaking 1-2-3-4 mode selection
●  Up to 5 microphones working at the same time, 1 chairman and 4 delegates