Voice alarm REC & PLAY

Mplayer B Voice alarm REC & PLAY

User recordible voice messenger
message trigger by 8 dry contacts closure

USB,SD card memory interface,
Front: REC, PLAY, NEXT, BACK, MIC input and Line input for recording
Rear: Locking Switch, DRY contacy closure
1.5” B/W Graphic LCD
Output : Line output with Euroblock Pitch 3.5 mm
USB & SD Card Slot


REC mode
Front: REC, NEXT, BACK, MIC input or Line input for recording
Press NEXT or BACK for selecting file number(USB or SD Card)
Press REC for recording to selected file number(USB or SD Card)
PLAY mode
Front: PLAY, NEXT, BACK, USB or SD Card
Press NEXT or BACK for selecting file number
Press PLAY for playing from selected file number
Rear: Dry contacat closure 1 to 8(Euroblock)
Close contact point for playing continuously from selected file number
Open contact point to stop playing
Priority: USB > SD Card
LOCK mode
Rear: LOCK switch
Slide on for locking of front buttons(REC,PLAY,NEXT,BACK)
Slide off for unlocking of front buttons(REC,PLAY,NEXT,BACK)
COPY mode
Copy from USB(or SD Card) to SD Card(or USB)
Front: USB & SD Card Slota


Voice alarm REC & PLAY

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