Water-proof Bluetooth Rock Speaker


With high efficient Class-D amplifier, audio signal processor, Bluetooth receiver and professionally designed speaker all integrated in one body, our Bluetooth wall speaker allows you to stream the high quality music from your cellphone, tablet or laptop wirelessly via Bluetooth connection, without adding any external amplifier.


●Adopt 4.2 +BR+EDR+BLE Bluetooth technology

●Built-in16bit DAC Digital Audio Processor

●Water-proof design for outdoor application

●Built-in high efficiency class D amplifier

●Adopt high quality speaker drivers

●Designed for fast installation and easy operation

Output Power 2*30W
SPL (1W/1M) 91dB
Frequency Response 65~20KHz
Input Sensitivity 400MV
SNR 95dB
Input voltage of the power adapter AC110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Bluetooth Wireless Range ≤ 10M
Housing Material Glass Fiber, Iron (Grille)
Speaker Size 6.5″ Woofer
Weight 8 Kg
Product Size 400*300*250mm
Color Grey