2.1 Bluetooth Amplifier with Subwoofer output

With 2x50W stereo output and a dedicated 100W passive subwoofer output, BT-530AMP Class-D 2.1 Bluetooth amplifier provides ultra-efficient, clean power all in a sleek, lightweight design. With
enough power to drive speakers, the 2.1 design is perfect for a discrete audio system for high-performance offices, bedrooms, and small home theaters.


With sub crossover frequency adjustment, sub level, and volume controls
Adopt 4.2 +BR+EDR+BLE Bluetooth technology
Built-in16bit DAC Digital Audio Processor
Small compact design yet powerful, Hi-Fi sound
Variety of inputs including stereo RCA and wireless Bluetooth
Produce clean, Ultra-efficient, audiophile Sound
Suitable for bookshelf/computer/desktop/commercial
Designed for fast installation and easy operation
Suitable for most of 10 to 80W, 4 ohm to 16 ohm loudspeaker
Comes with 24VDC power adapter

Power output RMS 2x50W
Sub power output RMS 100W
Sub crossover 40-160Hz
Frequency Response 20-20KHz
Impedance 4-8 ohm
Phase 0°-180°
Amplifier class Class D
Bluetooth Version V4.2
Bluetooth wireless range ≤10M
Enclosure material Aluminum alloy
Power supply DC18-24V