5-channel Amplifier Switch

●  Main/Backup Power Amplifier switch
●  Automatically switch to backup amplifier when amplifier failure is detected
●  It can manually operate for power amplifier upgrade and maintenance
●  Manage 10 amplifiers and backup strategy is programmable
●  Each channel has a volume control, manual switch, and status indicator

Input 6 audio source channels; 5 main amplifier channels
Output 5 speaker channels
Check Cycle Input: 50mV 20mS; Output: 100mV 20mS
Channel Switching Cap 150V/20A, audio signal
Controls 1 power switch,1 reset button,1 alarm tone control,
5 volume controls,1 address setting dip
Indicators POWER, CH1 ~ CH5 NORMAL indicators,CH1 ~ CH5
FAULT indicators,CH1 ~ Ch5 SWITCH indicators
Protection AC fuse: 0.5A
Power Requirement AC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz; 24VDC
Dimensions 89(H) x 483(W) x 350(D) mm