Dante Bluetooth Wall panel


Dante BW 0404 is a wall panel for converting among analog, Bluetooth
and Dante signal. It is widely used for teleconference, audio longdistance
transmission and other applications.


CAT5/6 connector to link with Dante network and controlled by Audinate;
Small size integrated mounting bracket which can be installed in very
limited space;
Adopt advanced V5.0 Bluetooth technology;
Simple to pair Bluetooth by pressing a button;
Compatible with a variety of mobile phones, tablets, computers and
other devices;
With RCA and 3.5mm TRS stereo input, TRS priority;
With one 3.5mm TRS stereo output;
Support PoE power supply;
Integrated power supply and audio transmission in one body;
With Bluetooth call bridge function for conference purposes
Convert 1 Bluetooth Audio signal to 2 Dante network audio channel;
Convert 1 aux or 3.5 jack stereo to 2 Dante network audio channel.
Receiving Dante network audio signal via local 3.5 jack

MODEL Dante BW 0404
Dante Audio Channel 4
Input Interface Bluetooth 5.0, stereo, RCA*2, 3.5mm TRS*1
Output Interface Bluetooth 5.0, stereo, 3.5mm TRS*1
SNR >100dB
Noise floor -90dB
Power consumption 2W
THD Less than 0.005%
Freq. Response 20~20KHz
Power Requirements POE
Operating temperature -10℃ – 40℃
Working humidity 5-95%
Dimensions 123.5×109.1×30mm


Dante BW 0404