Dante Bluetooth Wall Panel


  • BT 5.0 Bluetooth

Bluetooth audio to DANTE/AES67 network digital signal conversion, stable transmission

  • POE Power Supply

Power and audio transmission via network cable

  • Signal Matching

Supports Bluetooth wireless audio connection and analog audio connection

  • Real Time Display

Simple pairing and real-time status display


  • Supports Bluetooth or 2-channel stereo conversion to Dante network digital signal, with priority given to Bluetooth signals.
  • Powered by PoE, installed in a standard 86-type wall box.
  • Connects to devices such as smartphones and laptops through Bluetooth, receiving audio and transmitting it as Dante network digital signal.
  • Mainly used in scenarios such as teleconferences and audio media transmission.
  • Simple to use, controlled through a touch button for Bluetooth pairing with connected devices, and displays the connection status.
Model Dante BW22D
Bluetooth Interface 2
DANTE/AES67 Channel 2
Stereo Input RCAx2
Maximum Input Level 12dBu
Sampling Rate 44.1/48KHz
Data Bit 24bit
THD+N T0.005%@1kHz+4dBu
Dante/AES67 Device Delay <2ms
Power Supply Class1 802.3 af PoE
Power Consumption 2W
Input SNR >100dB
Dimensions 86x86x40mm