Dante Rimless Ceiling Speaker


DANTE DP 830R POE with DSP can realize its multifunction the POE power supply, audio transmission and signal control via a RJ45 Ethernet port. It can obtain power supply from any Ethernet switch of 802.3 or above standard.

Over Dante™ Ethernet that transmits 24-bit audio (44.1K/48KHz) and its control signal can be routed through the Dante™ Controller. All these functions can perform remotely on the PC or Mac by Dante Controller Software.


  • Dante network compatibility for seamless integration and easy audio distribution in networked environments.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability for simplified installation and reduced cable clutter.
  • Built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for enhanced audio performance, providing clear and balanced sound reproduction.
  • Kevlar driver construction ensures durability and delivers high-quality audio with accurate and natural sound reproduction.
Model DANTE DP 830R POE with DSP
Input Interface RJ-45
Audio Input Signal Dante™ | Balanced amplified signal
Cable Cat-5 or above
Output Power 30W
Transmission Rate 100M/1000M bps
Frequency Range 65Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 89dB
Sound Pressure Level 104dB (peak)
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.30%
Signal to Noise Ratio >100dB
Noise Floor <200uV
System Efficiency >70%
Material Metal
Operation Temperature -10 to 50 Degree
Color White
Dimension Dia 280x180mm
Net Weight 2.5kg