High-performance 3.5inch Wall speaker

  • Compact design: Sleek and unobtrusive 3.5″ wall speaker that seamlessly blends into any room décor, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Impressive power: Delivers robust sound with a RMS power rating of 20W, ensuring clear and dynamic audio performance.
  • Easy installation: Designed for hassle-free mounting on walls, making it ideal for installations where space is limited.
  • Wide sound dispersion: Features a carefully engineered driver and dispersion pattern, providing even coverage throughout the listening area for immersive sound experiences.
  • Versatile applications: Suitable for a variety of audio setups including conference rooms, retail spaces, and restaurants, enhancing the ambiance with high-quality sound reproduction.
Model HW-420B
Power at 100V 20W/10W, 20W@16ohm
Power at 70V 10W/5W, 20W@16ohm
Sensitivity 85dB
Max. SPL 99dB
Woofer 3.5” coaxial
Frequency Response 120Hz-20kHz
Housing Material ABS
Color Black
Product Dimensions 148x27x138mm
Net Weight 1.23kg