MG Series Audio Mixer

8 mono+2 stereo / 10 mono+2 stereo / 14 mono+2 stereo channel
LR main mix/ 2 AUX sends
Responsive 3 band EQ
Individual phantom power
Channel and master meters
Per channel pre/post fader aux switching
60mm dust protected faders
2-Track monitoring and replay to LR
Headphones and local monitor outputs
Dedicated stereo, peak-retaining monitor meters
Electronically balanced XLR outputs with +26dBu drive capability
Preamp +34dBu maximum input capability for mic or line
Ultra low noise mix head amp design
7-band graphic EQ
24bit DSP effect processor
MP3 player/recorder with concise human-machine interactive interface
Internal power supply
Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots and switches


Line Channel 8 mono+2 stereo 10 mono+2 stereo 10 mono+2 stereo
Channel EQ 3 BAND
AUX Output 2
EFFECT 24bit DSP effect processor
Main EQ 7 BAND
Gain control MIC +34dBu /Line+26dBu
Phantom Power 48V DC
Faders 60mm dust protected faders
Other functions 2-Track monitoring and replay to LR,Headphones and local monitor outputs,MP3 player/recorder