New Class D Desktop Mixer Amplifier

Three line and two microphone inputs with Euro block and RCA jack.
Acceptable wide range input level.
30Watts(MPro-30) / 60Watts(MPro-60) / 120Watts(MPro-120) output.
Advanced protection system includeds current limiting, over current and thermal protections.
Desktop type
Two bands tone controls
Low distortion and low noise level
Compact size and light weight
Ideal commercial and industrial use


Front : 3 Channel Volume Control & Tone Control, Master Volume
Rear : Line/MIC selector, Talkover level volume, Phantom Switch ,Ground lift Switch, Message play and stop.
Euro Block for Channel 1-2 Input and USB.
RCA and AUX phone for Channel 3 Input.
Euro Block for Speaker Output and FM antenna input.
Message play : playback the recorded message with micro sd card on the rear panel.
Media Player : MP3 play, Record to USB memory, Bluetooth, FM.
Indicators : Power, Signal, -10dB, Clip and Protect.
Protection : Current Limiting, Thermal & DC Offset Protection.
Cooling : Convection Cooling.

Model Mpro-30 Mpro-60 Mpro-120
Rated Output Power 30W 60W  120W
Input sensitivity / Impedance MIC: -50dB/600ohm Line: 6dB/10kohm
Power Supply Voltage 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 65W 95W  165W
Speaker Output 100V( 333Ω),70V( 163Ω), 4Ω(11V) ; 100V( 166Ω),70V( 82Ω),4Ω(15V)
Frequency Response 80Hz-17KHz ( +1dB /-3dB )
S/N Ratio >80dB (with A-Weight)
T.H.D <1 at rated power, 1kHz
Microphone input -50dB/600Ω, unbalanced input
Auxiliary input 0dBu/10KΩ, unbalanced input
Tone Controls Bass:100Hz(±10dB), Treble:10KHz(±10dB)
Mute Function MIC over other inputs
Working Temperature -10°C~+ 40° C
Product Dimension (WxHxD) 280x60x200 mm
Net Weight 2.1kg 2.5kg  3.3kg