Overhead Ceiling Installed Microphone

  • Overhead Ceiling Installation: Seamlessly integrate the microphone into your ceiling for a discreet and space-saving audio solution. The overhead placement ensures optimal coverage for various applications, including meetings, presentations, or recording sessions.
  • High Sensitivity: Benefit from the microphone’s high sensitivity, capturing clear and detailed audio even in environments with low sound levels. This feature is ideal for accurately picking up subtle nuances and ensuring crystal-clear communication.
  • Strong Directionality: Experience precise audio capture with the microphone’s strong directionality. Its focused pickup pattern helps isolate sound sources and reduce background noise, delivering a clean and focused audio signal.
  • Fan-Shaped Directionality: The microphone’s fan-shaped directional pattern enhances its versatility, allowing it to effectively capture audio from a wide area. This design is particularly useful for conference rooms, lecture halls, or other spaces where participants may be distributed across a larger seating area.
  • Versatile Applications: With its high sensitivity and strong, fan-shaped directionality, this overhead ceiling-installed microphone is suitable for a range of applications, including conferencing, lectures, and live performances. Its discreet design ensures it seamlessly blends into the ceiling, maintaining a professional and unobtrusive appearance.
Model HG MIC3
Directionality Supercardioid
Frequency Response 40Hz~18KHz
Sensitivity -40dB(79mV) (1V, 1Pa)
Impedance 200ohm
Maximum Input SPL 125dB, 1kHz (1% T.H.D)
Dynamic Range 100 dB, 1kHz (Max. SPL)
SNR 70dB 1kHz (1Pa)
Phantom Power 11~52V
Net Weight 210g
Dimensions Refer to the diagram
Mounting Hole Size φ75-80mm
Output Interface Naked wire (SPL-2 quick connector provided as standard)
Wiring Method Red-LED indicator.



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