SIP Control Station With Touch Screen

With a 10/100M Ethernet interface, line input and output, SIPM30T is an SIP desktop intercom host that is used with SIP server.
SIPM-30T network paging microphone can perform point-topoint IP intercom and multicast to the IP terminal through a microphone or local line input.

As a host of the IP broadcast intercom system, SIPM-30T can be used in places where intercom, monitor and emergency alarms
are needed, such as control centers of self-service banks, interrogation rooms, classrooms, hospitals and parking lots.

As an intercom terminal, SIPM-30T supports full-duplex twoway intercom and has good echo suppression. We offer standard
sip mode, which can be used in other standard SIP systems and compatible with standard SIP terminal devices.


Stand-alone intercom function
Stand-alone paging function
Stand-alone unicast and multicast functions
Support modify parameters directly on the mic
Play Audio from SD or USB to the zones

Network Communication Protocol SIP
Network Interface 10/100Base-TX,RJ45
Frequency and Sampling Rate 8kHz-32 kHz, 16 bit
Decoding MPEG,ADPC
Microphone Frequency Range 70Hz~12.5KHz
Operating Temp. 0~65°C
Screen 7” touch screen
Power Supply DC 12V
Dimension 250 x 145 x 55 mm