12 In 8 Out DSP Audio Processor

1. AI machining learning can intelligently eliminate environmental noises such as table knock, page turn, fan noise, etc., to realize the separation of non-human voice signals.
2. Machining learning (100,000 hours): the number of network nodes can be dynamically adjusted, achieving online learning and featuring low latency.
3. The processing module is confifigurable and can be freely replaced.
4. Built-in one-in-one-out USB sound card, supports music playback, recording and video conferences (such as ZOOM, Tencent conference, etc.);
5. Supports AFC (feedback suppression), AEC (echo cancellation), ANS (noise suppression), Ducker, ANC (noise gain compensation), AGC (automatic gain), gain sharing, threshold automatic mixing.
6. 12-band equalizer providing 5 fifilter options: Parametric, Lowshelf, Highshelf, Lowpass, Highpass.
7. Provides customizable user interface, and support up to 30 devices to be managed under the same UI.
8. Support camera control
9. 8 GPIOs
10. Supports RS232, RS485 and UDP central control.
Model  DSP-1280N2+AI
Input Channels(analog) 12
Output Channels(analog) 8
Processor ADI SHARC 21489@450 MHz SIMD
DSP Handling Capacity 400 MIPS, 1.6 GFLOPS
Sampling Rate 48K/40bit
Frequency Response (20~20kHz):±0.3dB
THD+N <-94dB @17dBu
Input Dynamic Range 110dB
Output Dynamic Range 112dB
Input gain 0/3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30/33/36/39/42/45/48 dBu
Phantom Power +48V/10mA max
Maximum level +18dBu
Channel isolation @1kHz 108dB
Input Impedance (balanced connection) 5.4KΩ
Output Impedance (balanced connection) 600Ω
System Latency <3ms
Power Supply AC110~240V,50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 482 x 260 x 45mm
Weight 4KG