Dante 44 Transmitter with 48V Phantom Power

Dante 4×4 input/output inerface can add 4 channels(input and output) for the existing network
audio system with at low cost. Because of the small size, it can be installed anywhere-near to

audio source or receiver, therefore no need the expensive analog connection which is easy to

cause interference

It is compact and can be installed near to an analog signal source or receiver easily.
In order to ensure the need of amplification for the build-in electric microphone,

high index DC power is adopted by this device.
The gain is +10dB-+50dB(XLR),Line level is -10dB-+40dB.
Phantom power +48v in each channel to supply power for the electric mic
The maximal output level of the 4 line is +22dB, which meets the requirements of consumer

and professional audio application, without overloading.