Project Mixer Amplifiers

Front : 5 MIC and 2 AUX Input Volume Control, Tone Volume control and Master Volume Control.
Rear : 5 Phantom Power Switch and 5 Priority contact closure for MIC1-5, 2 Gain Control for AUX1-2.
Emergency Input Volume Control and Priority contact closure, Ground Lifting Switch.
Input : 5 XLR Electric Balanced with Phantom power and 5 Euro block for Priority contact closure for MIC.
2 RCA Stereo for AUX.
1 RCA Unbalanced AMP IN.
1 Euro block Balanced Emergency Alarm input with Priority contact closure.
Output : 1 XLR Balanced Line output.
1 Euro block for Amplifier Output 4Ω, 70V, 100V.
1 RCA Unbalanced PRE OUT.
1 Euro block for Surety Paging Relay.
Indicators : SIG, -10dB, CLIP, Protect and Power.
Protection : Output Current Limiting, Thermal Protection.
Cooling : FAN Cooling.