Waterproof Horn loudspeaker

This high-power outdoor waterproof loudspeakers has the functions of fireproof, anticorrosion, and waterproof, and can adapt to various extreme climates and different environments. It is suitable for public places such as stadiums, schools, troops, air defense alarms, rural broadcasting, seaside beaches, highways, mines, chemical plants, etc.


All-weather design, the shell made by aerospace industry technology, is resistant to acid and alkali, salt spray, and can withstand high-strength impact and vibration.
The maximum output sound pressure level can reach more than 128dB at 1 meter, the music effect transmission is more than 350 meters, and the voice transmission distance is more than 500 meters.
Aviation composite material, high strength, light weight and good protection performance.
Waterproof, dustproof, shock and vibration proof.

Ordering Code:

RM-150V: 8 inch 100V line 100W, 150W at 8ohm
RM-150L IP : 8 inch 150W IP Net audio, Powered
RM-150L SIP : 8 inch 150W SIP Net audio, Powered
RM-200V: 10 inch 100V line 150W, 200W at 8ohm
RM-200L IP : 10 inch 200W IP Net audio, Powered
RM-200L SIP : 10 inch 200W SIP Net audio, Powered
RM-300V: 12 inch 100V line 250W, 300W at 8ohm
RM-300L IP : 12 inch 300W IP Net audio, Powered
RM-300L SIP : 12 inch 300W SIP Net audio, Powered

MODEL RM-150V RM-200V RM-300V
Rated Power 100W@100V, 150W@8ohm 150W@100V, 200W@8ohm 250W@100V,300W@8ohm
Max. Power 300W 400W 600W
Input 100V/ 8ohm 100V/ 8ohm 100V/ 8ohm
Freq. Response 70HZ-20KHZ 70HZ-20KHZ 70HZ-20KHZ
Sensitivity 96dB 100dB 102dB
Max. SPL 110dB 120dB 124.8dB
Speaker 8″x1(Bass) 3”(44core) x1(Treble) 10″x1(Bass) 3”(44core) x1(Treble) 12″x1(Bass) 3”(75 core) x1(Treble)
Dimension NA NA 460X420X420mm
Weight 16kgs 18kgs 28kgs