8 In 8 out DSP Dante Audio Processor

DSP-880ND2+ uses the industry-leading chip ADI DSP SHARC
21489, and the highest operating frequency can reach 450M Hz.
The input and output modules of DSP can be customized
according to the site conditions. At the same time, it has
independent AFC/ AEC/ ANS/ AGC/ gain sharing automatic
mixing, threshold automatic mixing and other processing
Meet the needs of audio processors and transmission in various
places, such as conference rooms, multi-function halls,
conference centers, auditoriums, administrative centers, etc.


With industry-leading chip ADI SHARC 21489 , the working
frequency can reach 450M Hz;
Customizing operation software makes the configuration
more flexible, and it can control Different DSP.
Provides operation interface for customers to realize
centralized control of multiple devices. And it can control
third-party’s equipment through DUP RS232, RS485;
AFC (feedback suppression), AEC (echo cancellation), ANS
(noise suppression), ANC (noise gain compensation), AGC
(automatic gain), gain sharing, threshold automatic mixing,
dodger and other processing modules;
Each channel has independent adaptive feedback
suppression, automatically find the feedback point, and
automatically suppress;
Full-featured matrix mixing, the input mixing level can be
There are 16 presets, each preset works independently;
8 GPIOs can independently configure with input or output,
and they can be used as independent ADC when
configuring with input;
Support channel copy, LINK and group functions;
Support RS232&UDP central control, UDP port can be set
freely, and you can check the control software code;
2 types of wall panels are optional, and they are available
to software programming.

Input Channels(analog) 8
Output Channels(analog) 8
Dante audio channel Dante Ultimo
Input 5/ 8/ 12 section PEQ (optional), AFC/AEC/ANS/AGC/Auto Mixer
Output: Frequency divider Frequency divider: 5, 8, 12 segment PEQ (optional); Delayer; Limiter
Input gain 0/10/20/30/40/43 dB
THD+N 0.003% @4dBu
Frequency response 20~20kHz ±0.2dB
Maximum level +24dBu
Phantom power +48V
Dynamic range (analog channel) 113dB
Dynamic range (Dante channel) 115dB
Self-Noise (A-Weighting-analog ) -89dBu
Self-Noise (A-Weighting-Dante ) -91dBu
Common mode rejection ratio @60Hz 80dB
Channel isolation @1kHz 108dB
Input impedance (balanced connection) 9.4KΩ
Output impedance (balanced connection) 102Ω
System delay <3ms
Power supply AC110~240V,50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 482 x 260 x 45mm
Weight 3kg