Open architecture Dante 32 In 32 out DSP audio processor

The DSP-3232 LD+ intelligent digital audio processing server adopts two processing chips with a main frequency of 1GHz, which is the core device of the thermal computing system platform. The server has network backup and dual-host backup functions. The system has built-in Lua script language, which can be written in standard C language. Meet the needs of audio processors and transmission in various places, such as conference rooms, multi-function halls, conference centers, auditoriums, administrative centers, etc.

Gigabit network transmission, network transmission backup
Independent AEC modules can be added, Support up to 32 channels
Dual host warm backup (Active/Standby) mode
Player: 16-channel audio player, 64G memory, WAV/MP3 with scheduled playback
Provides operation interface for customers to realize centralized control of multiple devices.
Dual Power Redundancy (AC/DC)

Network Channel 32*32
Audio I/O capability  8 audio I/O card slots
Multi-track player capacity  16 tracks
Media storage capacity  64G
GPIO  12Pin 3.81mm Phoenix Block
Dante Primary  RJ45 1000Mbps
Dante Secondary  RJ45 1000Mbps
AC main power  IEC connector
DC standby power  24VDC 2A 2pin 5.81mmm phoenix holder
Voltage  220VAC-240VAC50Hz/24VDC
Product Dimensions (WxHxD)  483x88x364mm
Shipping package size  618x153x473mm
Shipping weight  10KG


DSP-3232 LD+